Teacup Puppy Information

If you have purchased a puppy from us please read this page carefully.  Here you will find feeding instructions and how to care for your new Teacup or Toy Puppy.



These are wonder fun tips that you can read and use.  This Teacup Care information will assist you in the first several weeks with your new Teacup Puppy. Due to their small size teacup puppies must replenish their energy more than larger dogs.    The only way of doing this is to ensure that your teacup puppy gets nourishment from food.    Teacup puppies eat very small amounts of food at a time, they are not like the larger dogs that can eat twice a day.   It is important not to change the type of food that your teacup puppy is eating in the first two weeks.   If you decide to change the food, ensure that you do it slowly by mixing the new food each day until you gradually make the change.  Please note that if you drastically change the food it can make the puppy not feel well.

The first thing to remember is that a teacup puppy is stressed when they are moved from environments.   Remember that the teacup puppy has been taken away from their mom and siblings and brought to a new home with strangers.    It is important that you try to make it a safe, quiet and peaceful environment for your new puppy.    Please treat him like a newborn.    Refrain from loud noises, screaming and keep the new teacup puppy at home. 

Please refrain from taking the puppy out to the mall, workplace or to visit family or friends in the first two weeks because they stress a lot.

Teacup Puppy Playtime:   Please ensure that your teacup puppy has 10 minutes of play time twice a day.  Please refrain the teacup puppy from running around longer.   Teacup puppies can get a sugar attack if they run too much at first.  Let the puppy adjust to your house for two weeks before you allow more play time.

T-cups should be left in a confined area.  This is very important because it will help you housebreak the puppy easier.   We recommend that you purchase a play pen  and place the teacup puppy inside.   Keep food, water and training pads in there. Please ensure that the training pad in away from the food.   You can also keep your teacup puppy in the kitchen or bathroom. Do not let the puppy run loose in your house until they are a little older as they may loose track of where their food is.  

Do not leave a teacup puppy unattended unless he is in his playpen or in a confined, safe area. 

Kids and Teacup Puppies:   Kids should be watched closely at first. Ensure that if a child wants to hold the teacup puppy, he/she should sit on the floor.  Sometimes teacup puppies tend to jump out of people's hands and if they fall it can result in a head injury that can cause death.  If the child is on the floor then the chance of this happening is much lower.  

What is hypoglycemia in Teacup Puppies?   This is a sugar attack which is lack of nutrition.   Teacup puppies are not problematic but they can't skip meals.    One thing that might help is a paste called Nutrical.   This can be given twice a day to the teacup puppy for the first month. Please refrain from giving this paste more than twice a day as this may make the puppy sick.  

If the teacup puppy stops eating, you should buy chicken and rice baby food and give approx. 1/3 of the bottle every four hours or so.  Keep doing this until the puppy starts to eat.  Once the teacup puppy starts to eat on his/her own, then gradually hand feed less until the puppy is eating on his own.  

The most important thing is to make sure that you keep food and water next to your Teacup Puppy at all times.  This will prevent hypoglycemia (low sugar) caused by not enough food intake.  This is dangerous and can be very harmful to a teacup puppy.. 


Symptoms of hypoglycemia: 

Hypoglycemia can occur without warning specially in the morning.  It can happen to any healthy puppy and it can be very scary.  It is important to educate yourself in case of an emergency.

Things to look for:   Teacup puppies get very sleepy or don't want to play.  They can act weak, tired, walking with an unstable gait as if they were drunk, falling over, laying on their side paddling with their little feet and being unable to get up.    In very severe cases they can just lay on their side and be totally unresponsive. 


If you see any of the above symptoms you need to act IMMEDIATELY.  If the puppy is not given some kind of nutrition containing sugar, the puppy can go into a coma and this can result in death.    You can give honey, karo syrup, pancake syrup, sugar water to the teacup puppy.    Give several doses until the puppy gets better. You can give 7 cc of this or so.   Once you feed some on this to the teacup puppy he/she should start to feel better within 10 minutes.   Consult your veterinarian.


Once you do this procedure  the puppy should start to look normal.  Do not trust this because he will go down soon again unless you follow with food.    The best thing is to buy baby food and give 1/3 of the jar every 4 hours until the teacup puppy starts eating on his own.   Please consult with your veterinarian on how much food to give your teacup puppy because it all depends on their weight.


If your teacup puppy does not respond with any improvement within 10 minutes after the sugar intake or appears unresponsive,  take him immediately to the closest veterinarian.  In severe cases, if their sugar drops too far it is necessary for them to receive (dextrose) from the veterinarian.   In some extreme cases the veterinarian might give the teacup puppy intravenous IV.   Make sure that you tell your vet that you think that puppy might be having a sugar attack and specifically ask for a shot of (dextrose) before he does anything else.


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